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    ValuComputers know the true meaning of value; trading in professionally refurbished and reconditioned laptops and tablets, at a fraction of the retail cost,since 1993. All of our models come with wireless cards to connect to the internet and are mostly superb quality ex-corporate machines which are built for reliability. Why spend more than you have to for a quality laptop. The majority of customers we speak to now are looking for a cheap portable device that has built in wireless internet access (WiFi) to surf sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Ebay. For this basic requirement our laptops start from just 99 and all come with a 14 day money back guarantee and a comprehensive warranty. Check back regularly as we always have discounts, deals and sales. You won't find a laptop computer with better service any cheaper!

    All of our refurbished products are backed by an extensive warranty and support service. Student discounts and trade discounts are also available on many of our products. Next day delivery is normally available for a small charge. All prices include VAT. Satisfying your requirements

    We understand that people want a portable computer for many different uses and so we offer a wide range suitable for different uses such as:

    Internet banking and email

    E-Commerce and online shopping

    Small, light and ultraportable

    Business use

    Home desktop replacements


    Students and school work


    ValuComputers are also specialists in supplying professionally refurbished and reconditioned laptops for the engineering and motorsport industries (power mapping and tuning) with a wide selection of small, compact, machines with RS232 serial ports, parallel ports and null modem ports.