Windows XP - please read

Microsoft announced that on 8th April 2014 Windows XP is "end of life". This does not mean that it will stop working and there is no reason why it can't be used for years ahead. What it means is that Microsoft are stopping their support for it and there will no longer be any security updates. If a computer with XP is used on the internet and sensitive information is held on the computer it is imperative that a good Internet Security program is installed (such as Bullguard). This will stop any attempts by intruders to access sensitive data on the computer.

Windows XP was and still is considered to be a very stable and user friendly operating system. It is still required by many users who are using older programs which cannot be run on later versions of windows. Modern operating systems like Windows 7 can also unnecessarily slow down older machines.

We can provide an upgrade to Windows 7 for anyone who has a laptop with XP starting from £70 which includes installation, licence, back up disk and delivery. Please enquire for details.